Beyond the classroom

Here at Sacred Heart, we believe that learning experiences do not just take place in the classroom, or even in school, but in our local community and further afield too.

We appreciate that pupils learn and develop into well-rounded individuals when they are performing on stage or in music concerts, when they are camping in the countryside or when they are visiting other countries and experiencing other cultures.

This is why we offer an extensive programme of extra-curricular and enrichment activities at Sacred Heart school, from after school sports clubs to trips abroad to places as far afield as Thailand, America and Spain.

This is why, unlike some schools, we have invested in maintaining a well-stocked library – open until 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings where pupils can consolidate and pursue their interests and studies in a quiet and independent environment.

Finally, this is why we place great emphasis on our pupils’ religious and spiritual development, by ensuring every year group are given the opportunity to go on a retreat.

At Sacred Heart, pupils soon learn that what goes on in the classroom is just the beginning of their education.