Business KS5

Students have the opportunity to study A-Level Business at Key Stage 5. Business is concerned with the actions and decisions taken by individual firms and focuses on topics such as; Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Production Methods. Students interested in how businesses operate, grow and compete will find this a motivating subject.

Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13)
We currently follow the AQA A-Level Business syllabus. This is a two year course. In the first year students will develop a critical understanding of organisations, the markets they serve and the decision making process. This includes the consideration of the internal workings and management of organisations and, in particular, the process of improving the performance of each function within the business. In the second year students will analyse the strategic position of a business and identify effective management strategies to change the direction of the business.

Students have seven lessons a week during the first year and six lessons a week in the second year. They are co-taught by two teachers who share responsibility preparing students for their examinations over the two year course.


Further Information
Level 5 in Maths and English Language, plus two Level 6s in the following: English Language, English Literature, Geography, History or Religious Studies are required. However, due to the high literacy and numeracy demands of the course, a Level 6 in GCSE Mathematics and GCSE English Language are strongly desired.

Oversubscription Criteria:
If the course is oversubscribed, places will be prioritised to students who have achieved the highest grades in English Language and a Level 6 or above in Maths.

GCSE Business Studies or Economics is not a prerequisite, however if taken, a minimum Level 6 is required.

AS Assessment
The AS becomes a stand-alone qualification, which doesn't contribute to the A-level grade. AS level assessment is by two one-and-a-half hour written exams at the end of the first year, each exam is worth 50% of the AS qualification.

Paper 1: Three compulsory sections:

• Section A has 10 multiple choice questions 
• Section B has short answer questions 
• Section C has two case studies data with questions.

Paper 2: One compulsory case study consisting of seven questions.

A Level Assessment

A-level assessment is by three two hour written exams at the end of the two year course, each exam is worth 33% of the A-level qualification.

Paper 1: Three compulsory sections:

• Section A has 15 multiple choice questions.
• Section B has short answer questions.
• Sections C and D have two essay questions.

Paper 2: Three data response compulsory questions each and made up of three or four part questions.

Paper 3: One compulsory case study followed by approximately six questions.

Career Value

Business is particularly useful for those considering a career in management consultancy, advertising, accountancy, human resource management, hospitality management and events management. With the number of Business and Management degree courses at university growing rapidly over the past 10 years the study of Business would be an asset.