Catering at Sacred Heart

The catering department offers a four week menu that is changed every term.

Our aims is to provide every pupil with a hot home cooked meal that is nutritionally balanced and tastes good.

As we are in house caterers we are able to change the menu when required.  We listen to the pupil’s suggestions about the food and try to incorporate it into the menu whenever possible.

We also provide a breakfast service which includes, toasted sandwiches and freshly baked waffles and croissants.

We also try and meet dietary needs that both pupils and staff require. 

Parent Pay
A cashless payment system called Parent Pay is in operation at school.  Parent Pay means that money for lunch/school trips can be transferred electronically 

as each child has an account.  It provides a quick and safe way to ensure that money your child may need whilst at school, can be accessed by them, without the need for carrying money.  Please note that the school no longer accepts cash, as all transactions must be carried out electronically now.

Please click on the following link for a detailed easy to use manual for using and managing Parentpay.


Price Increase

In order to meet increases in food costs and London Living Wage, the Governing Body of Sacred Heart Catholic School have approved an increase in the price of various breakfast and lunch items by 5p; and thus, the price of a school meal & drink/pudding combo will increase 10p from £2.35 to £2.45.
The Free School Meal Allowance will therefore also increase to £2.35 – should your child need their daily spending cap increased in light of this, please contact the School Finance Department.
These new prices will take effect from 01/06/19 onwards.


Link to Parent Pay

Menu 1 - week commencing:   24th February,  23rd March

Menu 2 - week commening:     2nd & 30th March

Menu 3 - week commencing:   9th March 

Menu 4 - week commencing:   16th March