At Sacred Heart the Chaplaincy team offers a wide range of opportunities for all our students. The team is involved in a range of areas of school life from morning briefing for staff to the organisation of charity events and retreats. Through the teaching of our faith we are able to support and encourage our school community, we ensure a strong promotions of our schools catholic ethos. In doing this we ensure that both children and staff are involved/lead a daily worship including weekly masses for each year group. At our school we take part in a number of events and programmes that involve us living our faith, these include:

  • Hampers

Students created and delivered over 100 hampers to the elderly in our communities. This year has been very successful as always. The quality of the hampers this year have been the best so far with lovely luxury items in them, finished off and decorated beautifully by Madam Tran and her team of helpers.

Lots of students, especially in year 8, actually made hampers themselves at home and brought them in which is truly remarkable. A special mention must go out two Shania in 8M and Caprice in 8T for creating beautiful hampers by themselves.

Because of all your efforts there were a lots of happy elderly people this Christmas tucking in to some lovely goodies all thanks to you!

  • Save the children

Each year our staff and sixth form par take in Christmas jumper day which helps to raise both money and awareness for save the children charity, this year we raised a fantastic total of £100.00 by our staff and sixth form wearing Christmas jumpers.

  • Tea dance

Each year we put on a Tea Dance for our local elderly people. The orchestra play some lovely carols. Everyone really enjoys their afternoon of tea and entertainment and look forward to next year.


  • Soup kitchen

Each year during lent we take a number of our students to a local soup kitchen. This allows are children give up their time during lent for a fantastic cause. The day also opens their eyes to the poverty and need that is on our London streets.  

  • Charity week

Each year the Chaplaincy team helps to organise Sacred Heart’s ‘Charity week’, a week in which each form puts on a range of events from cake sales to football tournaments. The week is about raising as much as possible for our mission to Pattaya and our work with the Fr Ray foundation.

Even though we have only just got back from Thailand (October 2015), we are already raising money for the next trip in two years’ time. Raffle ticket sales went very well, with both students and staff working really hard to sell thousands of tickets.

On the 10th December, Becket, Bosco, Cabrini and Magdalene Houses went to Victoria Station to sing carol to commuters and bring some Christmas joy with the added bonus of again raising money for the Fr. Ray Foundation. Again, this year was very successful with a lot of money being raised. Well done all Houses


  • Catholic children’s society

The Sacred Heart Christmas Tree
For the first time in 2014, we introduced our very own Sacred Heart Christmas tree. It was intended for those children in our local community who are in care. We saked them to write down a gift that they wished for Christmas, we then had hearts hanging on the tree with their gender and age along with said gift. Staff, pupils and form groups all got involved and bought these gifts for the young children and made their Christmas wish come true. 

This year was the second year of our ‘Sacred Heart Christmas Tree’ project where students and staff could picked a heart off the tree which had the age and hobbies of a girl or boy from London who is living in poverty.

Individuals and groups picked a heart and went out to buy a gift for that child based on their interests.

On the 10th December, the week before we broke up for Christmas, Katie Waring from the Catholic Children’s Society came into school and collected over 60 gifts. She was very grateful for all the gifts that had been well thought-out, great quality and beautifully wrapped. She said a big thank you on behalf of the children who will now open a lovely gift on Christmas day because of your kind generosity.


  • Carol Singing for the Apostleship of the Sea

On 2nd December 2015 a small group of students, along with Madam Mazur and Mr King sang at the Oval tube station for the Apostleship of the Sea charity which is a Catholic charity supporting seafarers worldwide, providing practical and pastoral care to all seafarers, regardless of nationality, belief or race. The Oval tube station were very supportive and really enjoyed the singing. They tweeted videos of the students singing carols and members of the public were tweeting in response saying how great the students were and how smart they looked.