Detentions Policy and Procedure

It is a legal requirement that a minimum of 24 hours' notice is given for detentions which are longer than 1 hour.

Detentions may be set for anything logged on SIMs for behaviour or if a Head of Year is notified of poor behaviour

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that his/her parents are made aware of the detention time and date.

Lunchtime Detentions
These are at any teacher’s discretion. It takes place from 12.20pm - 12.50pm

Form Tutor Detention
Pupils who receive a negative mention on SIMs are required to stay for 20 minutes on that same day with the form tutor.

Failure of Report Detention
If a child who is on report fails his report, they will be required to stay for a 1 hour detention on that same day with Head of Year or Form Tutor.

Friday Night Detention
This is held at the end of the week. It is supervised by members of the Senior Leadership Team and the Pastoral Team. Friday Night Detentions are set for breaking school rules twice in a week (Mon-Fri) or for a serious misdemeanours deemed worthy. Students who have exhibited extreme disruptive/dangerous/poor behaviour on that day. Students whom HOYs wish to detain for any reason. Failure to attend without any excuse will result in an immediate Head teacher’s Detention.

The Head teacher’s Detention
An additional Head teacher’s Detention is held every Saturday morning from 9am –11am. Students can only be given this detention by a member of the Pastoral Team or SLT. A letter is sent home to the student’s parent/carer to notify them of the detention. Alternatively HOYs would get in touch directly with the home.

Failure to attend the Principal’s Detention will be deemed very serious and parents will be involved. Failure to attend the Head teacher’s Detention may result in parents being asked to come to the school before their child can attend any lessons.

Cumulative Detentions

3x Friday Night Detentions in a half term will result in a Saturday Morning Detention

3x Saturday Morning Detentions in a half term will result in a meeting with the Head teacher.


Mr R. Lansiquot
Associate Headteacher (responsible for pastoral care)

Mr L. Williams
Assistant headteacher (responsible for homework)