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Footsteps Inclusion & Learning Support Center at Sacred Heart Catholic Secondary School

FOOTSTEPS is our school Pupil Inclusion Centre and Learning Support Unit.  The centre enables pupils who are not attending mainstream to continue their school education. The pupils who attend Footsteps attend for a number of different reasons, the main reason being behavioral difficulties or difficulties coping with school. Occasional, older students also use the centre to catch up with overdue coursework.

Footsteps has been created within Sacred Heart in order to give our pupils the opportunity to work in a quiet environment whereupon they will be given time to reflect and discuss obtainable targets and gain a positive attitude in returning back to mainstream.

Our focus is on continued learning and teaching. When a new pupil arrives they are assessed and if necessary a PSP completed on their behalf depending on length of stay and number of times referred to the Centre. Pupils will follow a reduced timetable for the first day and are fully informed of the rules and how they are expected to conduct themselves during their stay.

The majority of pupils attending Footsteps will be at risk of exclusion after having received a succession of warnings and reprimands with regards to improving their behaviour at school.
Anti-bullying Policy

Attendance and Punctuality

Regular attendance and arriving on time will make a big difference to how well students achieve at Footsteps. If for any reason a pupil is going to be late, parents/carers are asked to phone and let Ms Davey know.

A student should only have time off if they are sick and it’s important to tell us if this is the case. All absence should be followed with a note in their diary informing us of the reason for the absence.

A pupil arriving after 9.30am, without a note or telephone call from parent will be marked as absent and will be sent home for the remainder of the day.

Positive Recognition

Appropriate behavior will be rewarded with praise and positive phone calls home.


During lessons at Footsteps good behaviour is expected.


Pupils who have received two fixed term exclusions must be referred to Ms Davey the Co-ordinator and Learning Mentor by a senior member of staff (Please see disciplinary guidelines referred to in Systems and Procedure Handbook) who will also liaise with SENCO if necessary. A Pastoral Support Programme will then be drawn up.

On Call Referral System

The school discipline policy sets out our aims and expectations for all students. If a teacher feels that a student is causing SERIOUS DISRUPTION which is interfering with the work of other students or is behaving in a way which is likely to lead to a major confrontation, then the on call system is used. This results in pupil’s being referred to the centre for a particular lesson or day or alternatively Ms Davey attending a lesson to assist teacher and pupil.

Daily System

Pupils arriving on a day to day basis due to misdemeanors e.g. classroom, tutorial, community and truancy to more serious offences will be referred by a senior member of staff.

Staff at Footsteps

Ms L Davey - Manager & Co-ordinator of Footsteps
Ms B Mehmet - Learning Mentor 

All staff are informed on a daily basis of pupils in attendance at the Learning Support Unit (LSU).

Ms Davey will ensure that staff at Footsteps have a responsibility to:

  • Show consideration to the pupils they teach at Footsteps;
  • Be committed to and have high expectations of pupils learning;
  • Encourage good behaviour and respect for others;
  • Prevent all forms of bullying amongst pupils;
  • Keep their pupils safe;
  • Seek support and advice about how to promote positive behaviour;
  • Keep parents informed of their children's educational and social behaviour;
  • Work as part of a team with other teachers and support staff.

We strongly welcome parental involvement with pupils at the centre in discussing strategies towards improving and promoting positive behaviour for transfer back to school.

Parents have a responsibility to support their children's school by:

  • Encouraging their children to recognise the importance of education and learning;
  • Backing the application of our behaviour policies and their systems of incentives, rewards and sanctions;
  • Insisting that their children pay proper respect to teachers and support staff;
  • Preparing their children for school, including proving breakfast and the conditions for a good night’s sleep;
  • Taking all reasonable steps to ensure that their children carry out work set for them;
  • Respecting staff, pupils and the school environment; and by
  • Not behaving aggressively or violently towards staff.

Footsteps Expectations

Staff and pupils will be on time and fully prepared for each lesson.

Footsteps will be a safe and positive learning environment enhanced by

  1. Praise, reward on daily chart and celebration of effort and successful move back to mainstream;
  2. Relevant display for positive behaviour;
  3. Updated displays in all areas;
  4. Regular checking and reporting of damage;
  5. A real determination to tidy the centre after use by
    • Pushing in all chairs;
    • Clearing any litter;
    • Turning of lights and Taps etc.

Rules At Footsteps

    Pupils must arrive at the centre on time which opens at 9.30am and not before.
    Pupils should only talk when asking a question – must not discuss anything with any other pupil in the centre until lunch time.
    Pupils will be accompanied to lunch and must go directly back to the centre where they will eat their lunch. Plates and bowls must be taken back to the Kitchen at 1.30pm.
    Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in time being extended in the centre.
    Pupils will leave centre at 2.50pm. Only if an appointment has been confirmed by a parent/carer will pupils be allowed to leave earlier
    Pupils will have time at the end of the day for a discussion session. This allows pupils to discuss their stay at the Centre and feedback to the group.