Sacred Heart Catholic School is a vibrant and dynamic school with high expectations and great ambitions for every one of our pupils. We believe that discipline, structure and common purpose are solid foundations for success in life and education, and we understand the value of professionalism and innovation in everything we do.

We are a Catholic school with very strong moral values and a traditional approach to behaviour and discipline; our pupils understand their rights and responsibilities, respect rules and boundaries and learn to live in honesty and trust.

Sacred Heart School consistently achieves outstanding academic results, way above local and national averages in every subject area. For example, in 2014, we became the first state school in Southwark to reach the landmark figure of 90% A*-C including English and Maths. The new measure for Progress 8, a more comprehensive measure of school success, places us firmly as one of the very top performing schools in the country.  Our relatively new Sixth Form has quickly followed suit and we have already sent many students to top universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and many other members of the Russell Group. We fully expect to maintain the same high standards of academic success at A Level in the coming years that we have reached at GCSE. 

We also have an exceptional record of helping our pupils to achieve more than they think is possible. Sacred Heart has consistently been in the top 2% of the country for adding value to pupils’ education at both Key Stage 3 and 4.

As well as outstanding academic outcomes Sacred Heart prides itself on educating the whole child.  Academic results will only go so far and we insist on a comprehensive programme of moral education, teaching good manners, respect and a determination to show our pupils that Gospel values are to be lived by, especially when it comes to looking after and caring for those less fortunate. 

I am immensely proud of this school – of our wonderful pupils, parents and staff, working and living together as a united community under God. We are providing all-round education that inspires, challenges and motivates our pupils to aim high, to work hard and to fulfil their potential. Our excellent record of achievement is a testament to the strength, determination and sheer hard work of my staff.

Mr Serge E Cefai



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