Homework & Diaries

Homework helps children to consolidate and build on what they have learnt in school and ultimately become independent learners who will hopefully advance to the highest level of studies at top universities.

Homework at Sacred Heart will vary in frequency, type, style and format depending on the subject being studied and the class or set your child is in. Tasks may include reading, writing, research or even preparing talks, speeches or presentations. Generally, pupils will have between one and three homeworks per evening, with more in the Upper School and Sixth Form.

Studies have frequently shown that the more often parent support, check and encourage a child to do their homework the better that child performs academically, so it is important that you are regularly monitoring your child’s homework to ensure they are completing it on time and to the best of their ability.

We take homework so seriously as Sacred Heart school that a failure to complete homework or hand it in by the specified deadline will result in your child being placed in an hour’s homework detention after school, where they will have to complete lines as a punishment. Failure to complete three homeworks results in a Saturday detention and pupils who regularly fail to complete homework are placed on homework report.

Your child will be given a homework diary at the beginning of each academic year. We ask parents to sign the diary each week and use the diary to help your child monitor and plan their homework. Regular diary checks at school further ensure children are using their diaries properly, and every pupil is expected to have their diary with them every day.

Any questions about homework can be relayed to the Assistant headteacher Mr L. Williams