Learning Support

At Sacred Heart School our aim is to ensure that all our students achieve their full potential, both academically and socially. In order to achieve that aim we firmly believe that supporting those children who need additional help is the responsibility of EVERY member of staff. However some pupils will need additional support which is provided by the Learning Support Department.

The interventions used to support students are detailed on each student's Individual Student Provision Map. Students with Statements of SEN and those with more complex needs at School Action Plus, also have an Individual Education Plan.

Small Class sizes
Children who struggle most with their learning are placed in very small classes and sets.  In lower school teaching assistants are attached to some forms to assist pupils with organization and homework management.

In Class Support
To supplement our withdrawal course there is a very extensive programming of in-class support delivered by our learning support team. The programme covers all curriculum areas and spans all year groups in the school.

Literacy Support

The Lit Programme
Some pupils in lower school are withdrawn from Modern Foreign Languages and follow the Lit programme.  This programme is based on the principles of recipricol reading and children learn to apply the four key skills they need to become good readers through the structured lessons.



Use clues from the text to predict what will happen next.

  • I think... because...
  • I predict... because...
  • I suppose ... because
  • I think I will learn...because


Ask questions as you read. 

  • Use question words Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? And What if?
  • Look for evidence in the text.


How can you figure out difficult words?

  • Try sounding out.
  • Think about what makes sense.
  • Reading around the word.
  • Talk to a Friend.


Using your own words, sum up the main ideas in order.

  • This text is about...
  • This part is about...
  • First....next....in the last paragraph....

Lexia is a personalised literacy programme which focuses on the development of phonological skills, spelling and comprehension. The students work through five levels and progress is shown on a bar chart each time they log into the software. As the children work, their progress is monitored by staff and they can work towards certificates.  The pupils can also access the software at home to speed up their progress through the programme.  Lexia at home is offered to all students in KS3 who are struggling readers.


Early Morning Reading Interventions
Small groups of pupils in year 7, 8 and 9 are invited into school at 7.45am for a half hour reading and writing session before school focusing on their individual needs.

After School EAL Literacy Group
A group run by an experienced EAL teacher runs weekly to support children's literacy difficulties which may be due to having English as an Additional Language.

Social Skills Groups
Weekly social skills groups run in lower school during registration periods to support children who have social communication difficulties or diagnoses of an ASC.

Homework Club
Homework club operates in school from Monday to Thursday for an hour after school. The club is intended for all children with special educational needs and offers the opportunity to get homework done or catch up on coursework with one of the members of the learning support team on hand to help where necessary.  Whether children come just once a week or attend every day we can help them to make sure they don’t fall behind with the important task of getting their homework done on time.

Special homework clubs on Wednesday and Thursday support pupils who are struggling with Modern Foreign Languages.

Counselling and Guidance
Children may need support during their time at Sacred Heart for a variety of reasons. We offer a solution focused approach to supporting pupils with their difficulties.  For some pupils we may seek external referrals for support through Southwark or Lambeth Camhs.

Counselling and Pupil Guidance Equalities Statement and Objectives

Accessibility Plan

Home School Links
Home school Links are vital for pupils with additional needs.  We have an open door policy and will always try and return a parents call or
e-mail within a day.

We have begun a series of parent workshops, which we plan to hold every term supporting parents with the extra challenges they may face.  Our first session in November 2012 was on Adolescence and Relationships for Young People with Autistic Spectrum Conditions.

Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT)
Our speech therapist, Sarah Johnson comes into school on a weekly basis.  She works with pupils with speech and language referrals on an individual or group basis.  Some children benefit from being in vocabulary groups.  Sarah liaises with class teachers and the group focus on understanding key vocabulary for their subject areas. Teaching assistants also attend the speech therapy sessions so they can continue the work with pupils on a daily basis.

The Learning Support Team
Learning Support Provision at Sacred Heart stretches beyond the SEN Department.  Linked staff in different areas of the school help us to provide the right provision for individual children.

Senco and Head of Department
Judith Hetherington

Teaching Assistants
Ms S Ahmed
Ms V Prokopenkova
Ms N Maimoun
Ms T Awoyemi


Staff Linked to the SEN Department

Ms S. Lundon (Head of EAL)
Ms L. Davey (Footsteps Inclusion)
Ms B. Mehmet (0.4) (Speech &  Langauge and Footsteps inclusion)
Mrs Barton (lunch club)