Parents Overview

Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic School website.

We are a Catholic school with very strong moral values and a traditional approach to behaviour and discipline; we believe in honesty and trust.

Sacred Heart School consistently achieves outstanding academic results way above local and national averages in every subject area.

We also have an exceptional record of helping our pupils to achieve more than they think is possible: we are regularly in the top 5% of all secondary schools in the UK on Academic Value Added tables. We are immensely proud of this school - of our wonderful pupils, staff and parents, working and living together as a united community under God. We are providing all-round education that inspires, challenges and motivates our pupils to aim high, to work hard and to exceed their potential. Our excellent record of achievement is a testament to the strength, determination and sheer hard work of this community.

This page will help you find the information you need regarding the day-to-day life of the school, including information about homework, attendance and punctuality, school uniform, exam timetables, catering, term dates and much more.