Pastoral Overview

Sacred Heart is committed to ensuring that every student matters and that every student is safe, happy and is making progress. Positive behaviour is key to this and at Sacred Heart this is based on everyone having a shared understanding of the values and relationships that are needed for students to learn well and get on with their peers and staff.

Good pastoral care is important to developing students who demonstrate initiative and leadership, and who are able to make good decisions and take responsibility for their choices and actions. The pastoral team provides day to day and longer term support for any student who is experiencing any kind of difficulty in and beyond school. Our pastoral support system is designed to ensure that all barriers to a student’s continued wellbeing and progress are removed. We also ensure that we deal with low level disruption in class and have a rigorous behaviour policy which deals with this.

Form Tutors
The pastoral structure is based around the form tutor, who is a student’s first point of contact and support in school. Form tutors see the students in their care every day, and stay with their group throughout years 7 to 13, and develop a strong and supportive relationship with them.

Heads of Year
Tutors are led by heads of year, who are responsible for overseeing the wellbeing and progress of students in a year group. Heads of year also stay with their year group as they move through the school, getting to know the students well and building good relationships with families.

Oversight of Pastoral Care
The pastoral teams in KS3 and KS4 are each overseen by a Deputy Headteacher who has overall responsibility for wellbeing and progress in each Key Stage. The Associate Headteacher has overall oversight of all pastoral care.

Associate Headteacher                   Mr. R. Lansiquot

Head of Year 7                                  Ms. P. Quartey

Head of Year 8                                  Ms. S. Lundon

Head of Year 9                                  Mr. A. White

Head of Year 10                                Mr. M. Guittet

Head of Year 11                                Ms. C. Roberts

Head of Year 12 & 13                       Ms. M. Antoniou

Ms. L. Davey                                      Inclusion Officer 

Mr. P. Sango                                      Intervention Co-ordinator