Pupils line up in the playground at 8.35am. Pupils must be punctual for registration. Pupils may not go off the site during school unless they have permission to go home, or are on a school outing.

When pupils are absent through illness, parents are asked to notify the school immediately, if possible, and certainly immediately there is an infectious illness involved. In all cases, a note must be sent within three days to the school, explaining reasons for absence and an estimate of the pupil’s likely date of return.

Annual Holiday
Pupils should not take holidays during term time. Leave will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Pupil Safety
Pupils must walk quietly round the school at all times, keeping to the left hand side. When walking to enter a classroom they must line up in single file. Pupils must maintain silence throughout fire drills and walk quickly to the playground. Pupils may not bring aerosols, tippex or illegal substances into school. Cigarettes and chewing gum are strictly forbidden.

Pupils need permission of a member of staff to go to the office and report their illness. Staff should ensure that pupils are genuinely unwell. Senior staff may then instruct the office to issue them with a written permission slip to leave school, providing contact has been made with home.

All property should be marked. Pupils must not bring valuables into school. They may not bring cameras, radios, mobile phones or personal stereos into school. If school property is lost it must be replaced.

Pupils should not have any valuables in school. Lost house keys, watches or bus passes can be claimed if found, immediately after the last lesson each day, from the school office.

A cashless payment system called Parent Pay is in operation at school.  Parent Pay means that money for lunch/school trips can be transferred electronically as each child has an account.  It provides a quick and safe way to ensure that money your child may need whilst at school, can be accessed by them, without the need for carrying money.  Please note that the school no longer accepts cash, as all transactions must be carried out electronically now.

Lost Property
All property must be named. Pupils should be told to hand in any lost property to the office.

Governors Fund
The sum of £50.00 per pupil. This helps fund activities which are not covered by our Annual Maintenance Grant. Cheques should be made payable to Sacred Heart Catholic School and will be collected as a one-off payment at the beginning of the school year or when joining our school.

Any member of staff may set a detention for poor or bad behaviour. If it is after school and lasts more than 20 minutes, pupils and parents will be given at least 24 hours notice.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are not allowed in school and must be handed in at reception if pupils need them for journey to and from school.