School Day

All pupils are expected to be in the playground at 8.30am

 8.35   -    8.55      Registration/Assembly
 9.00   -    9.50      Period One
 9.50   -  10.40      Period Two
10.40  -  11.30      Period Three
11.30  -  12.20      Period Four
12.20  -    1.10      Lunch Time
  1.10  -    2.00      Period Five
  2.00  -    2.50      Period Six
  2.50  -    3.00      Registration

Where possible, medical appointments should be made outside of the normal school day. If a pupil has to leave school during the course of the day, then a letter from a parent or guardian should be shown to their Head of Year/Senior teacher to be signed, and then shown at reception in order that a pass to leave school can be issued.

Essential Equipment
Pens and Pencils
Colouring pencils
Rubber and Ruler (one six inches and one 12 inches)
Pencil sharpener, Pencil case
Compass, Angle indicator
Reading book (to be brought into school each day)
Calculator (scientific)
Pritt stick
Pocket English/French/Spanish dictionaries

Optional Extras
Pocket Thesaurus, rough book, felt tip pens (some departments avoid the use of felt tip pens)