School rules are necessary to establish the right kind of standards and provide an orderly, disciplined atmosphere in which work of the school can proceed pleasantly and safely. The full
co-operation and support of parents is essential if this is to be achieved.

1. This is a Catholic School and pupils must conduct themselves at all times accordingly.   This will include:-
a) practising their religion
b) obeying their teachers promptly and cheerfully
c) being polite and considerate to others, regardless of race, sex or class
d) respecting school and public property
e) proudly wearing their school uniform
f) keeping the school rules, which will be altered as necessary

2. Full school uniform must be worn to, from and in school and for official events (such as Parents’ Meetings).   All items must be marked with the name of the owner.   An approved school bag is essential.   Plastic carrier bags are not permitted.

3. Pupils must always report for school clean and tidy in appearance; lapel badges (unless school issued), jewellery, rings, ear-rings, nose rings, face piercings may not be worn.  The only jewellery allowed is:
a) a chain with a religious medal or cross
b) an inexpensive watch
c) girls may wear small stud earrings - no more than one in each ear.  The earring must be no bigger than  (O).  Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.  Hair styles must be neat and tidy.  No extreme haircuts tolerated. Colouring of hair is not permitted.  Hair accessories used to tie hair must be plain in design. Head scarves are not permitted unless for religious purposes.  Nail varnish, nail extensions, nail designs are not allowed. Make-up is not allowed. No cutting of eyebrows. No parting in hair

4. Regular and punctual attendance is required by law.   All pupils must be on the premises at least 5 minutes before the whistle is blown at the start of the morning and afternoon sessions.   Absences must be covered by a dated and signed letter from a parent/guardian giving a reason for absence and the pupil’s name and class.

5. Pupils may not leave the premises during school hours without permission. Pupils are forbidden to bring bicycles or motor driven vehicles to school.

6. Valuables and large amounts of money should not be brought to school without prior permission.   The Form Tutor should be given such money to keep safely.
a) caps, mobile phones, headphones, are strictly forbidden and will be confiscated.
b)  all buying, swopping and selling between pupils at school is forbidden.
c) Mobile phones may be handed in at reception at the beginning of the day and collected at the end.  If mobile phones are seen during the day they will be confiscated.  Phones will be kept until the end of the half term or until a parent/guardian comes up to collect it in person.

7. The following are strictly forbidden and will be confiscated:
a) matches, lighters, cigarettes, tobacco, fireworks
b) Tippex fluid, other spirit based substances and marker pens
c) sweets, chewing gum, unauthorised tablets and medications
d) glass bottles, drink cans, energy drinks
e) other dangerous objects or substances
f)  metal combs

8. Pupils in possession of offensive weapons or illegal substances will be suspended and recommended for permanent exclusion.

9. Smoking and gambling are strictly forbidden.

10. Authorised medicines and tablets must be deposited with the school secretary during the day.

11. Pupils who bring a packed lunch must eat it in the dining-hall at the time allocated to their year for dinner.   Eating and drinking is not permitted anywhere else on the premises.

12. Lining up in the playground and Fire Drills are to be conducted in silence and with strict observance of the instructions given. Misuse of Fire Alarms or Fire Equipment will be treated as a very serious disciplinary matter.

13. Movement (inside or out) must be quiet and at a brisk orderly walk, keeping to the left on paths, corridors and staircases, Normally, classes should wait quietly in line outside classrooms at change of lessons.   Pupils must keep out of areas notified as out of bounds to them.

14. Homework is compulsory for all pupils unless banned.

15. Detention is part of the school’s disciplinary procedures and if a pupil is given a detention they are required to attend that detention.

16. Pupils will be expected to pay for anything which they damage, deface or lose through irresponsible behaviour.

17. The Governors of our school rely on contributions from the parents to meet certain essential costs.   Each family is therefore asked to give a one off payment of £50 paid by the first week in September or before.   This sum is subject to alteration.